Reach Out

Suicide is a Permanent Choice

If you reach out someone will be

Steps to Reaching Out:

  1. Reach out to a trusted parent, friend, teacher, coach, professional (doctor, nurse), counselor, psychologist, etc. Do this by text, writing your thoughts down, or talking.
  2. Walk-in to talk with someone.
    • In Wenatchee... Catholic Family & Child Service Crisis Services 145 S. Worthen Street someone is available for support if you walk-in between 8am - 5pm.
    • Columbia Valley Community Health Walk-In Clinic (509-662-6000 Ext. 1073) has minimal wait times most days/times to be seen by a medical professional. If you are not an established patient you can still be seen and evaluated the same day by someone that can assess what is going on and assist you or your loved one with next steps. No appointment is necessary.
    • In East Wenatchee... Columbia Valley Community Health Express Care Clinic (509-884-9000) has minimal wait times most days/times to be seen by a medical professional. No appointment is necessary.
    • In Chelan... Columbia Valley Community Health Walk-In Clinic (509-682-6000) is not a walk-in clinic and appointments must be scheduled. You may call to find out availability of appointments. It is likely you may get a same day appointment if you explain your situation.
  3. Call 9-1-1 for a welfare check. If you are concerned that you or your loved one may get hurt by attempting suicide or they have already acted upon threats do not wait to get help! You can call 911 to request that the police do a "Welfare Check" on someone you love. Police will determine what needs to happen next. They do not want to worsen the situation, but to ensure the person's safety. Going to the emergency room by police, others driving, or driving yourself to be evaluated is an option and will result in next steps being identified by medical professionals.
  4. Call for help. Call the Chelan/Douglas Counties Crisis Line 509-662-7105 or National Suicide Prevention Line 1-800-273-8255 to speak with someone immediately and determine next steps to getting help. You can just to talk to someone to assist you in trouble shooting the issues you are struggling with. Remember...suicide is permanent and problems big or small are not. They will pass even if it feels like they won't.
  5. Reach out again and again. If the person you reached out to did not help you in the way you needed, please reach out again. Many 'untrained' people don't know what to say or do when someone is feeling suicidal. Get to one of the above and you will get help sooner than later!
  6. Don't drink or use drugs when feeling suicidal. Alcohol/drugs lowers inhibitions and often accentuates problems making them seem worse. You or people you love are more likely to act on suicidal thoughts when drinking or using drugs.
  7. Depression and other mental health issues are treatable. Suicidal ideation is treatable and will go away when you get help, so please don't wait!