Current Members include community partners from: 

  • Catholic Family & Child Service
  • SAGE
  • North Central Educational Service District
  • Grief Place NCW Loss Support
  • The Compassionate Friends of Wenatchee Valley Chapter
  • Wenatchee TOGETHER! for Drug Free Youth
  • Wenatchee School District
  • Eastmont School District
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • The Center for Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • Aging & Adult Care of Central Washington

Founding members:

  • Julie Rickard, PhD
  • Mary Guitierrez, MAIII
  • Kaci Ramsey RN
  • Terra Rea PsyD
  • Jennifer Ross LMHC
  • Paula Sigafus LMHC
  • Christine Stengel
  • Aura Tinsley PAC
  • Susie Tryon
  • Charlene Woodward


Mission & Goals

SPC Mission Statement: The Suicide Prevention Coalition of NCW's mission is to help reduce the incidence of suicide through greater access to information, training and resources, reducing barriers and stigma, and to be a clearinghouse for information related to suicides within North Central Washington.

Goals for the coalition:


  • Anyone with suicidal ideation within Chelan/Douglas Counties knows who to call and where to go for help or information.
  • Every door is the right door no matter what community agency someone presents to or calls.
  • Increased visibility and awareness of the suicide issue within the community
  • Training community members (teens to adults) in the steps to follow for suicide prevention. Implement a community model for suicide prevention.
  • Access to needed information
    • Website
    • Facebook
    • Newsletter
  • Reduce suicide rate within the community through prevention efforts and reducing stigma
  • Reduce identified barriers within the community
    • Crisis Team – Reputation, community confidence, response, and management of crisis line.
    • Media response – Local radio and newspaper coverage of suicide. Work to agree how this should be covered so it is covered and the community is aware when a problem exists, but remains evidenced based so as not to contribute to the problem.
    • Culture – Lack of concern over the identified issues within a system (families lack of response when child is saying they are suicidal, schools response, communities response), language barriers, lack of education on how to respond, etc.
  • Become a clearinghouse for information related to suicide and prevention efforts within the community.
  • Target all segments of the community with prevention efforts utilizing community volunteers to spread the efforts – Children, adolescents, college age, adults, elderly, parents, teachers, community partners, first responders, medical, churches, everyone else...