Needing help is not a is simply being human.

It is OK to ask for Help...Someone will be there!

Coping Strategies for Teens

Spend time with family and friends.
Get involved with after-school activities.
Volunteer - you have a lot to offer.
Think and plan your future. Set realistic goals.
Try to be open with your feelings.
Write your feelings and thoughts in your journal or diary.
Read books & subjects that uplift you.
Laugh ~ keep your sense of humor!
Start a new project – plant garden, flowers, fix things... 
Learn a new hobby you have always wanted to try
Consider the importance of spirituality in your life.
Accept other's thanks, compliments toward you, and praise for you.
Eat right! - - - Chocolate is good!
 Exercise regularly.
Join a support group
Seek out a counselor
Do not tolerate physical, emotional, or sexual abuse from anyone.
Get help immediately! Seek help if you feel overwhelmed or troubled.